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Laboratory of Signal Transduction Molecules
head Jakub Siednienko, dr hab.
secretary Elżbieta Kulińska
Research worker
Ewa Kurowska, dr
Edyta Makuch, dr inż.
Janusz Matuszyk, dr hab.
Małgorzata Mitkiewicz, dr inż.
Miłosz Nowak, mgr
Maria Podbielska, dr hab. inż.
Agnieszka Zabłocka, dr hab.
Technical staff
Marianna Kuropatwa
Józefa Macała
Ph.D. Students
Izabella Jasyk, mgr inż.
Wioletta Kazana, mgr inż.
Paweł Krawczyk, mgr inż.
Joanna Nowak, mgr inż.
Patryk Reniewicz, mgr

The general subject of our research concerns the role of proteins which participate in cGMP- and cAMP-dependent intracellular signaling. We are interested in relations between the activities of enzymes (cyclases, phosphodiesterases, protein kinases) constituting the particular pathway and activities of proinflammatory transcription factors.
Our studies also concern signaling by the receptor for neurotrophin-3 (TrkC) that regulates the development of neuronal cells. The model cells (neural and neuroendocrine origin cells) are genetically engineered to express inducible TrkC and activation of signaling proteins and genes following TrkC activation are examined.
In our studies we employ assays which measure activities of guanylyl cyclases, phosphodiesterases, and kinases; we also use RT-PCR, EMSA, reporter assays, and basic bio- and-immunochemical methods.