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head Martyna Michniewicz, mgr inż.
Monika Ossowska, mgr inż.
Renata Łukaszczuk
Jolanta Mażol
Marta Mraz-Dulemba, mgr
Aleksandra Orłowska, lek. wet.
Jolanta Rorat
Magdalena Sołtysik, lek. wet.

The experimental animal facility IIET has been in operation since 2003 in the area of main Institute building. The animal house of the Institute is a 2-storied - independent space technically prepared for maintaining experimental mice and rats (air condition system with 3 kinds of filters, double-door autoclave, and barrier system for personnel entrance). The space is separated into 2 areas for maintaining and experimental purposes, as well as an auxiliary area for storing and washing. Animal facility posses 5 rooms for specific pathogen free (SPF) mice, 2 rooms for conventional animals (CV, mice and rats) and equipped operating rooms, each belonging to a different part of facility (SPF and CV).
Separate from this area is accommodation for experiments with rabbits.
All planned experiments are approved by the First Ethical Commission in Wrocław.