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Laboratory of Biomedical Chemistry
head Janusz Boratyński, prof. dr hab.
secretary Elżbieta Kulińska
Research worker
Jarosław Ciekot, dr
Tomasz Goszczyński, dr
Bożena Szermer-Olearnik, dr inż.
Ph.D. Students
Krzysztof Fink, dr inż.

Research outline

  1. Preparation and analysis including biological assays of drug-carier conjugates. (patents P130458, P195813, P198235).
  2. High temperature modifications of proteins. It was established that proteins can be heated up to 130°C without loss of their activity. This modality allowed to obtain neoglycoconjugates including potential conjugate vaccines (patent P192872) and glycation products.
  3. Exploration of bacteriophages (bacterial viruses) was finalized by the development of their purification techniques. The details of these technologies are patent pending (P382800).
    Development of analytical methods for use in biochemistry: assays for aldoses and ketoses, proteins, nucleic acids, radioassay for glycoproteins; glutaraldehyde assay and monitoring reactions of it with biological macromolecules.