Wrocław is the main city of the historical region of Silesia in south-western Poland, situated on the Odra River. With a population of 650,000 Wrocław is the fourth largest city in Poland, the capital of the Lower Silesia region. With its history of more than 1000 years, Wrocław is a beautiful city full of monuments of the past, an opera house, a philharmonic hall, several theatres and numerous museums and art galleries. After Warsaw and Cracow, Wrocław is the third largest educational centre in Poland, with 140,000 students in 30 universities and colleges.

Wrocław Copernicus Airport offers direct connections to 17 European cities, e.g. Barcelona, Brussels, Cork, Copenhagen, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Liverpool, London, Munich, Oslo, Paris and Rome as well as domestic flights to/from Warsaw and Gdańsk. Wrocław is also easily accessible by train and by road from the west, south and east.