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Laboratory of Microbial Immunochemistry and Vaccines
head Jolanta Łukasiewicz, prof. dr hab. inż.
secretary Elżbieta Rutkowska
Research worker
Wojciech Jachymek, dr hab.
Marta Kaszowska, dr hab.
Ewa Katzenellenbogen, dr hab.
Czesław Ługowski, prof. dr hab.
Anna Maciejewska, dr
Tomasz Niedziela, dr hab.
Emilia Strąk, mgr
Ph.D. Students
Karolina Ucieklak, mgr

Main Research Areas

Biological chemistry of macromolecules involved in immunological processes - immunochemical studies of bacterial endotoxins

Research Activities and Expertise

  1. Structural analysis of lipopolysaccharides, polysaccharides and glycoconjugates using NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry in combination with chemical and biochemical methods
  2. Investigation of the relationship between the structure of bacterial endotoxins and their biological activities/physical properties
  3. Studies of glycoconjugate structures and ligand-receptor interactions using high-resolution NMR spectroscopy (HR-MAS NMR, STD-NMR), mass spectrometry (LC-MS, Ion-trap MS/MSn, MALDI-TOF) combined with SPR and FACS
  4. Developments of neoglycoconjugates as antibacterial and antiendotoxin vaccines – synthesis, immunochemical properties, immune response and protective activity.

Selected recent publications

  1. Lukasiewicz, J., Niedziela, T., Jachymek, W., Kenne, L. and Lugowski, C. (2009) Two Kdo-Heptose Regions Identified in Hafnia alvei 32 Lipopolysaccharide: the Complete Core Structure and Serological Screening of Different Hafnia O Serotypes. Journal of Bacteriology 191, 533-544.
  2. Niedziela, T., Dag, S., Lukasiewicz, J., Dzieciatkowska, M., Jachymek, W., Lugowski, C. and Kenne. L. (2006) Complete Lipopolysaccharide of Plesiomonas shigelloides O74:H5 (Strain CNCTC 144/92). 1. Structural Analysis of the Highly Hydrophobic Lipopolysaccharide, Including the O-Antigen, Its Biological Repeating Unit, the Core Oligosaccharide, and the Linkage between Them. Biochemistry 45, 10422-10433.
  3. Lukasiewicz, J., Dzieciatkowska, M., Niedziela, T., Jachymek, W., Augustyniuk, A., Kenne, L. and Lugowski, C. (2006) Complete Lipopolysaccharide of Plesiomonas shigelloides O74:H5 (Strain CNCTC 144/92). 2. Lipid A, Its Structural Variability, the Linkage to the Core Oligosaccharide, and the Biological Activity of the Lipopolysaccharide. Biochemistry 45, 10434-10447.
  4. Lukasiewicz, J., Niedziela, T., Jachymek, W., Kenne, L. and Lugowski, C. (2006) Structure of the Lipid A-inner Core Region and Biological Activity of Plesiomonas shigelloides O54 (strain CNCTC 113/92) lipopolysaccharide. Glycobiology 16, 538-550.
  5. Niedziela, T., Letowska, I., Lukasiewicz, J., Kaszowska, M., Czarnecka, A., Kenne, L. and Lugowski, C. (2005) Epitope of the Vaccine-Type Bordetella pertussis Strain 186 Lipooligosaccharide and Antiendotoxin Activity of Antibodies Directed against the Terminal Pentasaccharide-Tetanus Toxoid Conjugate. Infection and Immunity. 73, 7381-7389.