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Laboratory of Experimental Anticancer Therapy
head Joanna Wietrzyk, prof. dr hab.
secretary Elżbieta Kulińska
Research worker
Artur Anisiewicz, dr
Beata Filip-Psurska, dr inż.
Dagmara Kłopotowska, dr inż.
Magdalena Maciejewska, mgr inż.
Ewa Maj, dr
Magdalena Milczarek, dr inż.
Anna Nasulewicz-Goldeman, dr
Elżbieta Pajtasz-Piasecka, dr hab.
Mateusz Psurski, dr inż.
Katarzyna Szczaurska-Nowak, dr
Marta Świtalska, dr
Eliza Turlej, dr
Ph.D. Students
Joanna Banach, mgr
Monika Cuprych, mgr
Joanna Jarosz, mgr inż.
Natalia Łabędź, mgr
Jagoda Mierzejewska, mgr inż.
Monika Milewicz, mgr
Martyna Stachowicz, mgr
Agnieszka Szczygieł, mgr
Katarzyna Węgierek, mgr inż.

Laboratory of Experimental Anticancer Therapy conducts preclinical screening studies and recommendations for clinical trials of new drugs with potential antitumor activity using internationally accepted models for experimental antitumor therapy, as well in vitro as in vivo (mouse transplantable tumors, xenotransplants of human tumors into athymic mice, orthotopic tumor models).
The advantages of our Laboratory include, but are not limited to:

  • wide experience in preclinical screening studies;
  • highly qualified stuff;
  • the biggest collections of cell lines in Poland with about 160 of referential human and animal specimens from renowned origins (ATCC, ECACC, Deutsche Krebsforshungzentrum, Fibiger Laboratory, etc).
  • modern and well-equipped animal facility with possibility of large-scale in vivo studies using the contemporary human and mouse tumor models.
  • studies on the molecular mechanisms of the tested compounds using the state-of-the-art flow cytometry techniques with specialized scientific software. Qualitative and quantitative assessment of cell phenotype and its proliferative status – dormancy, proliferation, apoptosis or necrosis.

Our current main scientific goals are studies on vitamin D or genistein analogues in combined anticancer therapy; dendritic cells in anticancer therapy and searching for new effective delivery methods for siRNA.