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Laboratory of Tumor Molecular Immunobiology
head Wojciech Kałas, dr hab.
secretary Elżbieta Kulińska
Research worker
Andrzej Rapak, dr hab.
Leon Strządała, prof. dr hab.
Edyta Wysokińska, dr
Ewa Zioło, mgr
Ph.D. Students
Małgorzata Grudzień, mgr
Justyna Kutkowska, mgr

Our research interest are focused on study of regulation of programmed cell death (apoptosis, necroptosis and autophagy) induced in normal and cancer cells. In details we study:

  • role of nuclear receptors (VDR, RXR, RAR i Nur77) in the apoptosis process of leukemic and normal cells
  • role of BNIP3 in the induction of cell death by the ligation of CD47 receptor by TSP-1 in the context of H-ras transformation
  • the new low molecular weight and non-protein proangiogenic factors

At the same time we are involved in project of design of a novel chlorin e6 conjugates with nanoparticles used for therapy of restenosis. Our laboratory is able to conduct research for estimation of cytotoxiticity in vitro and evaluation of molecular targets of substances with potential anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory or immunosuppressive activity.