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Laboratory of Immunobiology
head Michał Zimecki, prof. dr hab.
secretary Iwona Królikowska
Research worker
Jolanta Artym, dr
Iwona Kochanowska, dr hab.
Ewa Zaczyńska, dr
Technical staff
Maja Kocięba, mgr inż.
Katarzyna Niemira

Laboratory of Immunobiology is involved in search for new therapeutics in cooperation with chemists, biochemists, pharmacologists, histologists and clinicians, with an ultimate goal to apply them in therapy and prevention of autoimmune and infectious diseases and immunodeficiencies. The laboratory also conducts studies on metabolism of bone tissue. The laboratory also collaborates with other laboratories of the Institute on search for new adjuvants and therapeutic application of bacteriophages. The laboratory cooperates with many scientific institutions in Poland and abroad as well as with pharmaceutical companies.