under the honorary patronage of
Dr. Rafał Dutkiewicz
Mayor of Wrocław

Dear Colleagues and Friends,


Welcome to the 3rd Workplace and Indoor Aerosols Conference in Wrocław!

We greatly appreciate that we can host this prestigious international meeting, and we hope that our efforts yield the last two conferences in series, in Karlsruhe and in Lund.
The conference aim is providing a forum for aerosol researchers and students to meet, to integrate scientific research community and to create opportunities to update and improve knowledge behind observed health effect due to exposure to airborne particles, as well as development of prevention strategies in public places, homes and working environments.
This conference will continue and build on experience of previous Conferences on Workplace and Indoor Aerosols, organised by Association for Aerosol Research (Gesellschaft für Aerosolforschung e.V., GAeF) in Karlsruhe, Germany in June 2010, and Lund University, Division of Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology in Lund, Sweden, in April 2012.
This time we will meet in Wrocław, the main city of the historical region of Silesia in south-western Poland, situated on the Odra River. We thank you for attending the Aerosols 2014 and for all your contributions. We wish you the great time in sharing the knowledge, experience and a joy.

Welcome to Wrocław – the meeting place!